The UK Race & Europe Network (UKREN) is grateful to the following for advice, expertise and assistance contributed by those who took part in discussions and activities leading to the publication of this pack. They included the following.

Academic consultants when the project began

Emel Abidin-Algan, formerly chair of the Islamic Women’s Association, Berlin; Tariq Modood, professor of sociology at the University of Bristol; Tariq Ramadan, visiting fellow at St Antony’s College, Oxford, and formerly holder of professorships at the University of Freiburg, Switzerland and Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

Steering group

Mohammed Abdul Aziz (chair of the European Network Against Racism), Sofia Hamaz (researcher, and coordinator of the first phase of the project), Sarah Isal (UKREN programme director and senior research and policy analyst at the Runnymede Trust), Jessica Mai Sims and Kim Vanderaa of the Runnymede Trust, Robin Richardson (of Insted consultancy and a former director of the Runnymede Trust) and Mariam Sheikh (project administrator). Successive drafts of this pack were compiled on behalf of the steering group by Robin Richardson.


Participants included Anne Aagard Steffenson, Shahida Akram, Tülay Arslan Mohamed Baba, Karima Benbrahim,Zubair Butt, Mariem El Hajjami, Merih Ergün, Sofia Hamaz, Malika Hamidi, Kaltoum Haoua, Saral Isal, Intissar Kherigi, Meric Körg, Adeela Nawaz, Ali Nicolaisen, Mkbulay-Tülay Suleyman, Rachid Toub, Hamza Vayani and Marianne Vorthoren.

Piloting stage

The piloting stage was organized and supervised by Maurice Irfan Coles and Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra from the Islam and Citizenship Education (ICE) project, supported by Kim Vanderaa from the Runnymede Trust.

Focus groups, discussions and piloting

Participants included Ahmed Abdi, Sabeen Akhund, Perwaise Ayoub, Siddik Bakir, Franco Biancardo, Amirah Bowes, Somino Fombo, Tom Hammill, Salma Hussein, Fozia Irfan, Sheikh Nagib Khan, Intissar Kherigi, Anira Khokhar, Shahana Khundmir, Tasneem Mahmood, Raheel Mohammed, Sheikh Radwhan, Mariam Sheikh, Yasmin Sheikh, Farooq Siddique, Ahmed Uddin, Omer Williams and Shereen Williams.

Editing and production

Mohammed Abdul Aziz, Robin Frampton, Angela Nartey, Jessica Sims and Kim Vanderaa.


All photographs © Vijay Jethwa, 2009.

Quotations and extracts

The publishers would like to thank the following for permission to reproduce their copyright material in this resource pack: An-Nisa Society (p. 97); BBC Radio 4 (pp. 39-40); Tariq Modood (p. 59); The Times (p. 61); Yahya Brit (pp. 58-9); Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (BMSD) (p. 97). While every care has been taken to trace and acknowledge copyright, the publisher tenders its apology for any accidental infringement or where copyright has proved untraceable. The publisher would be pleased to come to a suitable arrangement in any such case with the rightful owner.


It should please be noted that views expressed or implied in this pack, and any errors it may contain, are the responsibility of the UKREN secretariat, not of any of the individuals or organizations mentioned above.

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