Identity and Belonging

Activity 2

Who, What and Where Are We?

Young people answer various kinds of questionnaire about their personal interests, and in this way reflect on their own identities and personal qualities. They may then administer the same or similar questionnaires to others as part of a survey, and present a report on their findings in writing, or through PowerPoint, an interactive website, collages, an e-zine, or video diaries. Download activity 2.

Activity 3

Young Muslims in Britain

Young people are given extracts from interviews with young British Muslims. They select those which are closest to their own feelings and thoughts and imagine themselves contacting the people concerned, for example through Facebook or Bebo. In their messages they make similar remarks themselves. Also they write to some of the people from whom they feel different. They may then develop their messages into video diaries or other kinds of self-portrait. Download activity 3.

Activity 4

Not easy being British

Working in small groups, young people answer questions of the kind that are asked in citizenship tests. How relevant do they consider the questions to be? If a question appears irrelevant can they nevertheless guess why it was asked? What suggestions do they have for questions that are more relevant? More specifically, can they come up with questions which are more appropriate for people such as themselves? They then go on to discuss concepts of Britishness and national identity and to compare their own views with those of others. Download activity 4.

Activity 5

Islam in Britain and the world

Young people work with a quiz concerning Muslims in the UK and the world. They draw on their general knowledge and on guesswork, and also perhaps research the answers on the Internet and works of reference. They construct a similar quiz for themselves and each other. They may conduct a survey to find out the levels of knowledge amongst others, and may depict some of the correct answers in charts, graphs and diagrams. Download activity 5.

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