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Activity 15

Items in today’s news

Young people are given a list of questions to ask about a news story on TV or in a paper, and use these with regard to a specific cutting, or item on a website, or clip of film. On the basis of their analysis, they draft an imaginary letter to the editor or to the Press Complaints Commission. If the item is recent, they write such letters for real. Download activity 15.

Activity 16

Us and them, or in this together?

Young people consider some news stories about Islam in Britain and Islam in the world, and whether the stories show the West and Islam as locked in inevitable conflict (a ‘clash of civilizations’) or whether on the contrary there can be partnership and cooperation. On the basis of their reflections and conclusions they write real or imaginary letters to the local and national media, and to local and national councillors and MPs. Download activity 16.

Activity 17

Who and what’s out there?

Young people visit a number of British Muslim blogs and websites, and say what they like and dislike about them. Also, they create scrapbooks with extracts from them and perhaps posters and wallcharts as well. Further, they write and submit comments. They may in addition create a blog on which they post their own reflections about current happenings. Download activity 17.

Activity 18

A way to get the attention of youth?

Young people listen to various Muslim rappers and visit their websites, and look at some of the debates that have taken place, and continue to take place, within Muslim communities about whether Islam and Hip Hop music are compatible with each other. If their judgement is that there is no inherent incompatibility, they compose, perform and record their own work. Download activity 18.

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