Below are a list of handouts according to the corresponding activity they are used in.

Depending on the age, interests and prior knowledge of the young people with whom you are working, the wording in some of the handouts may need explaining or adapting.

Activity 1

1. Eighteen things we could do

Activity 2

2. Questions, interests and concerns

3. Key things about me

4. Who and what I am – likes and dislikes

Activity 3

5. Voices and views of young Muslims

Activity 4

6. UK citizenship test

7. Answers and notes on UK history and law

Activity 5

8. Islam in Britain and the world, a quiz

9.Answers to quiz in Handout 8

Activity 6

10. What next?

Activity 7

11. Muslim by name and nature

12. We are just people

13. On my mother’s lap

14. A lot of kids are angry

15. Full of admiration for the British

16. Responding to hostility

Activiity 8

17. Stories from tradition

Activity 9

18. The ways and words of Mullah Nasruddin

Activity 10

19. Journey through space

20. Fairness for all – some words and dates

Activity 11

21. Human rights around the world

Activity 12

22. Projects requesting support

Activity 13

23. Writing to your representative, some tips

Activity 14

24. Reviewing a school

25. Feelings about school – a questionnaire

Activity 15

26. Understanding the news – questions to ask

27. Media portrayals of Islam and Muslims

Activity 16

28. Stories about us and them

29. Muslims and the police, a news story

30. What’s the problem? – seven views of Islam and the West

Activity 17

31. Who’s out there? – starting points for a webquest

Activity 18

32. Muslim hip hop, for and against

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