Five Guiding Principles Underlying This Pack

On the basis of a number of meetings and discussions, the following statement of principles was compiled. In brief, five essential principles were identified:

1 Muslim voices
Muslim views and voices about British citizenship should be heard and attended to in current debates.

2 Identity and belonging
Each young Muslim person in modern Britain should be supported and assisted in the development of their sense of personal identity and self-esteem, and of where they belong.

3 Duties and responsibilities
Young Muslim citizens of the UK should be helped to balance their various duties and responsibilities towards others and themselves.

4 Challenging anti-Muslim prejudice
There is an urgent need, if young people of Muslim heritage are to play a full part in Britain as citizens, to challenge, resist and remove Islamophobia and anti-Muslim racism.

5 Taking a full part
Young Muslim citizens should be helped to develop political literacy and participation skills, and skills in effecting change.




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