There is an urgent need to challenge, resist and remove Islamophobia

Young British Muslims are growing up in a society which contains much anti-Muslim hostility, ignorance and prejudice. The hostility is expressed throughout the media, particularly the print media, and sometimes in physical violence and verbal abuse in public spaces. Young Muslims may in consequence feel that attempts they may make to be active citizens are neither invited nor welcome. Equally unfortunately their confidence and self-esteem may be damaged.

Young Muslims need to appreciate that Islam is not the cause of Islamophobia and they need moral, intellectual and emotional strength to resist and oppose it. Further, even more importantly, they need to join with others to combat, reduce and remove it. Amongst other things, this involves taking pride in their heritage; refusing to see themselves as helpless victims; and refusing to adopt an us/them view of the world in which all non-Muslims are disrespected as mere ‘kafirs’, ‘kuffar’ or ‘kuffs’.

This pack contains several activities designed to help young Muslims to understand Islamophobia, and to challenge, resist and remove it.


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